Join the TRIBE, we want to see you succeed in every element of your training and we will help get the right equipment in place get you there.

Our custom equipment is all hand made in the UK. We hand weld, and the finish on our equipment is 2nd to none. TRIBE will build it if you can dream it. Our Rigs and racks are built with every element of our client in mind, making sure it works in your space and also your hands.

Getting Your Gym Fitted


Chat to us

If you are looking to fit out your gym, get in touch with us and we can talk to you about what you are after.
Think about - dimensions of your space, how you want to use it, flooring, fixings such as rigs, weights, and storage.


Site Visit / Details

Ideally we will come and see your space so we can accurately measure up, and recommend the best use of the space you have. If a site visit isn't possible then we will need accurate measurements and good photos so we can see what space you have.


List of Requirements

Once we've got all the info from you, we will make a list of recommended requirements, what equipment we think you need and how you can arrange it in the space you have.


Quote & order

Once you have agreed the list of equipment we will give you a final quote. Get your order in, and we'll get your gym full of fantastic new gear in next-to no time.



We'll get all of your gym equipment delivered, ensuring it is all present and correct.

Find out how we can help you - give us a call or book a consultation