Jordan Power Bands


Used frequently in Powerlifting and in resistance training, these sturdy bands are great for body weight training and enable a progressive load to be added safely to barbell ends.

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  • Durable, seamless latex rubber ensures you’ll never risk snapping when loaded correctly.
  • Width variation to ensure appropriate resistance (the wider the band the better the resistance)
  • Ideal anchor attachment for squats, deadlifts and bench presses (perfect for use with our Squat Rack)
  • Can be used with Olympic, Hex and EZ Bars
  • Widely used in pull-up, chin-up and dip variations

Power Bands are great for:

  • Speed Training
  • Agility Drills
  • Jump Resistance
  • As an alternative to standing cable exercises
  • Prehabilitation and Rehabilitation
  • Sports Specific Drills for sports like MMA.

Power Bands Resistance:

  • The resistances are per band and equate to the approximate loading at slight extension and up to maximum extension (or maximum loading)
  • 13mm = 5-35lbs (2-16kg)
  • 22mm = 10-50lbs (4-23kg)
  • 32mm = 25-80lbs (11-36kg)
  • 44mm = 50-120lbs (23-54kg)
  • 64mm = 60-150lbs (27-68kg)
  • 83mm = 70-175lbs (32-79kg)

Do not overstretch or overload, otherwise damage and/or injury may result.

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13mm (red), 22mm (black), 32mm (black), 44mm (green), 64mm (blue), 83mm (orange), Full set (6 bands)

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